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This past week I have returned to an activity I was introduced to by Lynn Whipple in her online class called WORDPLAY. I glance through a book page simply see a word and circle it.  Soon, I have a collection of words and phrases.  The majority of the time I sense a theme.

Once I find my completed thought I pullout my paintbrush and paint.  I then block out the words with the paint.   Today, I noticed I needed to bring out my rubber stamps and stamp in a word to tie it all together. During this activity I find my mind and heart settling into a calm and peaceful energy. I also begin having intuitive knowing of loving, kind thoughts about life, myself and others.  This intuitive information is usually regarding questions I have raised during the previous day or even from that morning. You know, those questions you quietly think within your heart and send out to the Universe to someday bring in an answer.

I suppose this activity is one way of meditating.  It allows me to quiet my mind and unconsciously bring forth my thoughts and feelings. I also enjoy using magazines the same way.  When I am feeling a bit restless and don’t feel like creating with paint I will pullout old magazines and a pair of scissors.   Flipping through the pages of the magazine until a word jumps out at me.  I will cut out these words and pile them up next to me. Once I feel complete I will sort out the words.  Usually a theme arises and I will glue the words down in my journal.  Or a lot of times I simply gather up the words and place them in my “Tray of Words”.  This tactile and unconscious thought will always reduce the angst I felt previous to when I started.  AND,  I have uncovered and brought out INNER wisdom I didn’t have previous to starting.  This inner wisdom feels peaceful and heart-felt. It’s as if my Soul has been stirred and brought about wisdom I was in need of hearing.