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When my  grandmother passed away at 96 years young I was sad and yet I knew she was in a place of love, happiness, joy and beauty.  I knew this because on our last visit at a local convalescent hospital I witnessed her having extreme joy. Mumu sat in a wheel chair in her room, eyes closed as if she might have been sleeping.  As my mom and I tried to speak with her, Mumu all of a sudden let out a beautiful squeal of joy and swinging her body as if she were on a swing.  Back and forth her body and legs moved, pumping her body as if trying to go higher and higher. I don’t remember if she shared with us through words what she was experiencing, but the movement of her body told the story of pure joy and exhilaration.  Mumu’s mind was somewhere else other than the room, in the wheelchair at the convalescent hospital. She passed away shortly after that visit. However, my memory of her swinging and experiencing pure bliss certainly consoled my head and heart.  I think of Mumu often.

This morning I wanted to create with my new linoleum blocks.  Instantly, the feeling of my grandmother, Mumu, filled my heart and I knew I wanted to create the swing she might have been on.  As I carved out the scene I felt as if Mumu was right there with me in my studion.  Her love as palpable.  She was providing support as I tried something new.  This was my first experience with linoleum blocks. I enjoyed the process of drawing the scene, carving out the details and inking it up to see the end result.  Each time I inked and printed the block I would go back in and carve a little more to clean up the lines a bit. I look forward to creating many more scenes with the linoleum blocks.

My experiences in life definitely cross over into my artwork. I feel blessed to have found a way to express myself through art.