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I have had this blog site for over two years. I intuitively knew someday I would like to write. However, my lack of confidence kept me from sharing my journey. All the negative self talk was so loud. This morning, the energy inside and around me was different.

I have been visualizing a rubber stamp shape, a flower petal design. One which could be repetitive and had space to add my own pen work in between the lines. This design kept showing up in my thoughts until finally I was dreaming about it last night. Once I dropped my son off at school this morning I sat down and created the stamp.

I have to say creating this stamp from start to finish in all of 20 minutes brought so much JOY to my heart. I had a smile on my face when I placed the ink on it and pressed it out on paper. The image was exactly, if not better, than the image in my head. I have many ideas flowing through me as to how I can create with this stamp.

Since this particular petal stamp turned out so well I looked in my sketchbook to see what else I could carve out of the small leftover piece of rubber. I found a bird sketch. I quickly traced the image with my pencil, rubbed the sketch over the rubber and began using my carving tools. In all of 5 minutes my next rubber stamp was born.

I am not sure why these two creations have brought me so much happiness and WHY it has encouraged me to get up and begin writing on my blog. All I know is that I am looking forward to my day of being a CREATIVE person. I look forward to being ME today. AND I look forward to sharing my journey on this blog. Let’s see where this next chapter in my journey will take me.